Sweden in general


To see I’ve been in Sweden only for a couple of days, in a professional trip to Vaxjo, but as weekend was included I used it to see something in a short distance.

We travelled to Kalmar and, as my flight was to/from Copenhagen, we made a quick stop at Halmstad and Lund in our way back.

Anyway, it was enough to understand why do the Nordics consider the Mediterranean people as almost crazy…





Personal memories Maybe I’ve got a false idea in my brief visit to Sweden, but the liveliest impression were the colors of trees, matching the houses warm paintings.

​Cold, sadness, enhanced the pleasure of living in a Mediterranean country.


Transports City bikes – Practical


I knew that Scandinavian people love to use bicycles, and that Stockholm and Oslo have a program called city-bikes, a solution for sharing bicycles.

I don’t know if that program covers any other city in Sweden, but the large amount of bicycles seen everywhere, without any lock or any other kind of protection makes me believe that the cities that we visited do have something alike.

​A matter to check and to use if we go there again!