Vacations in Playa de San Juan

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Vacations in Playa de San Juan
Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Beach

Little promoted in the tourist publicity, the beach of Playa de San Juan aroused my curiosity when I saw a very inviting offer of accommodation. I ended up risking two weeks, and it was a success. The family insists on repeating next year, and at the moment I have no objections.

High tides

Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Tides

The beach stay is often disturbed by 3 days of spring tides, according to the whims of the moon.
We caught them on the second day, but they were so soft that they only made the bath more lively. A strong side current disorganized the waves scaring the most fearful, but only the yellow flag was shown, and without great practical restrictions.
On the fourth day the sea was replaced by a stunned lake.


Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Temperature

The tragedy of global warming has its compensations. Never in my life did I expect to find water at 29º in the oceans of Europe. It just happened, coincidentally, in the warmest waters of the Spanish coast and probably of Europe. You no longer need to go to the Caribbean or the Red Sea to swim in the soup.
The price… well, let’s hope…


Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Shades

As usual, here and there there are concession areas, where you can rent shade and sun loungers.
What is unusual is that between these concession areas and the sea there is a forest of umbrellas, usually only authorized next to the concessions.
Perhaps the higher than usual price of the concession is the reason for so many and so disorderly umbrellas.


Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Night

With temperatures above 30º at night, the beach continued to be a temptation for those who don’t spend nights in bars.
They played so much in the sand that the boys ended up convincing their father to take the midnight dip.
Safe, pleasant, they just had to beat the cold to get out of the water.

Towel, quickly!

Midnight swim


Vacations in Playa de San Juan – Jellyfish

In recent years, baths on the Spanish coast are frequently interrupted by attacks by jellyfish.
Despite all the care, my oldest grandson was attacked in Marbella, and the signs took months to disappear.
Now, alert, he was the only one to see “jellyfish” in the sea. Two of them were hedgehogs, but the third, according to the father, was real. Without continuity or consequences, the bath was always safe, in water where all the toenails could be seen.