Holidays in Altea


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Peaceful Week

A small town with character, very… very quiet (as I needed) close to Benidorm and…

​The steep hill, topped by the cathedral was nice, but, with two small kids, we preferred to stay by the sea, so, we saw nit much in Altea

​The port


With a bad beach (pebbles), the city built a modern port that, with all the infrastructures, became one of its best attractions.

Warnings or dangers I spent a great week in Altea, really a nice area. I read carefully everything before going and was prepared for what I found – a beautiful place with bad pebble beaches. Some photos in brochures are conceived to hide some details, and you risk to be badly surprised if you don’t read enough.

?Tricky photos
?Tricky photos

Going to the beach was not our main objective in location (we went often to Benidorm, 10 km away, and return to the Altea’s tranquility as soon as tired of the masses).

​Most people accepted the conditions and the beach was well frequented, but we didn’t go there.

As a matter of fact, Fernanda and I were sliding a couple of times on the pebbles, but in the 3 or 4 meters that separated the ocean from our hotel’s pool.