Galicia in general


To see Galicia in general

I made two trips to Galicia – the first one, long ago, with Santiago de Compostela as main destination, took me to Vigo, PontevedraSanjenjoLa Toja and La Coruña.

The second had Lugo as objective, and allowed a quick visit of Orense and Celanova.

Tui had a special visit, to dance, but I must confess that my knowledge of Galiza is much more limited than it would be if the water in its beautiful beaches was not so cold, sending me frequently to the south. 

A third visit took place, tips will come.



Dancing was the pretext to a trip to Tui.

​The program didn’t allow us much time, but I managed to escape for a couple of hours, and as the city is not big, it was enough to a reasonable idea of the place.