Just once


Just once in Lugo, but I left home, in Portugal, expressly to know the city.

You may ask: Did it worth the trip?

The answer is YES, even if Lugo was not there, because it made me cross some of the most beautiful areas of Portugal and northern Spain.

Besides, it was no disappointment, far from that, and the interesting central area may be visited in a short time, exactly what I needed.

I can’t resist! I have to tell you the story lived in Lugo:

We were strolling in the old quarter, and I was surprised with TOOOOOOO many shoe stores, door after door.

Lugo 9

While Fernanda was enjoying the celestial pleasure, I kept looking around.

Suddenly, at the end of the street, reflecting the sun, a placard announced: 

​”….atos para sordos”.

​My god! “Sapatos para sordos”? Shoes for deaf people? How come?

I had to approach, and, as soon as the sun was covered all the placard was displayed – “Aparatos para sordos”. Do you see what despair can do to your mind?

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