El Escorial


To see Not far from Madrid, this small city is included in most trips to the capital, and with absolute justice.

The monastery, built in the 16th century is UNESCO heritage, and a landmark in Spanish architecture.

Totally dedicated to tourism Escorial is harmonious and nice.

​The Monastery


For those who haven’t seen Mafra, in Portugal, the size of the monastery impresses at first sight.

Funny thing, the similarities between these two churches:

Huge, some kilometers out of the capital, totally dominating their home towns, however, they differ in style and history. Well, accept my challenge and read about it in Escorial , for instance, in my Mafra page, in Mafra History or, better then that, try to find a translation of Nobel awarded Saramago best work – Memorial do Convento.



I don’t know if it is common, or I just had luck, but I watched in Escorial a very interesting parade.

Clearly, it was the real people, here and there with very naif details, but always with the Spanish garb.

​It’s interesting to check when do they happen, this pilgrimages.

​Valle de Los Caidos


About ten kilometers distant, away from everything, in the wild mountain, a big church was carved in the rock, to be used as memorial to the victims of the civil war.

Very appreciated during the dictatorship (and despised by the catholic church), it’s a place that invites to think.

And thinking is the healthiest exercise!