Holidays in Salou


To see Salou or Salou?

I’ve been in Salou twice: the first with the kids, in an isolated hotel over the beach.

Everything was quiet and relaxing, at least while the Italians allowed it.

This time I went to a central hotel, and the beach was overcrowded. Between the two, I clearly choose the first: more shadows to read, sea at your feet…

​But… no shops! So, with Fernanda, town, of course!

And then it came the third and long visit. I will write about it.

​Levante Beach


A clear blue sea… a white and empty stripe of sand… a coconut tree… that’s Salou.

Excuse – me, I was reading a brochure, but reality is… almost that:

The clear blue sea is somewhat greenish but OK.

The white sand is brown.

The coconut tree is palm tree.​

To empty the stripe of sand I just have to invite out the 20 or 30 thousand people sharing it:

“Bomb”! “Bomb”!

Didn’t work.

“Tax collector”! “Tax collector!”

No way.

Well, I’d better get some space to bath:

“Shark! Shark! Shark”!

Wrong again.

“Jellyfish!; Jellyfish!”

​Did it work? Well look around before entering the water, because… it may be true.