Visiting Reus

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Casa Navas

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Casa Navas

Designed by one of the most famous names in Spanish modernism – Lluis Domenech I Montaner – it is the ex-libris of the city, and one of the best-preserved modernist examples in the world.

Prim square

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General Juan Prim y Prats gave its name to the central square of the city, and also the most beautiful one.

In the center a sculpture of the military.

“Dispensário” by Rubio

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“Dispensário” by Rubio

Sant Joan church

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Sant Joan

Casa Rull

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Casa Rull

Escola Prat de la Riba

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Plaza Mercadal

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Plaza Mercadal

Institut Pere Mata

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Pere Mata

Doubtful impression Abrasa’M


Our only lunch in town was in a nice square by Saint Pere church. Abrasa’M, a tiny restaurant turned big by a large esplanade had an inviting menu by 12€.

What seemed to be a family, tried hard to efficiently serve all the space, without great success. Some confusion, the food well presented but with flaws, it was only a regular meal.

Facebook: Abrasa