Gavà -a mistake


To see Fernanda wanted a few calm days in the beach.

I wanted to go back to Barcelona.

Gavá seemed to allow both things, so, I risked to reserve there.

Bulls eye. It’s a good and calm beach, only minutes away from Barcelona.

However, our plans changed…

​Large and free beach


I booked this hotel very doubtful about the beach, because I had never heard anything about Gavá.

I read a lot about Castelldefels and Sitges, but Gavá… Was a pleasant surprise.

It is not a mass tourism beach, rather a calm and familiar one. Lots of space, cleanliness and tranquility, only missing… shops.

​And I was punished with five hours of forced works in Zara and Corte Ingles before moving somewhere else (but I’m not allowed to talk about it, so you read nothing, ok?)