Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona 1

To see This one was my third attempt to a good visit to Barcelona.

Failed, once more, by a change of plan that made me rush to the Costa Brava.

So, Barcelona keeps being one of the next objectives.

​As sooner as possible!​

​Triumphal Arch


Built in 1888 for the Universal exhibition, this reddish arch in the centre of the old city, mixes Moorish look with modern Spanish details.

Address: Passeig de Lluis Companys.

Website: Arc

Pueblo Español


Concentrate of Spain

If you don’t know much of Spain, and have no time to visit it, this touristy park will allow you a glimpse of its architecture and ambiances. I do like Spain, and, believe me, it is much more interesting to visit the “real thing” in the “real place”, with the “real people”. OK… take your time.

Address: Marques de Comillas s/n

Phone: 935 086 300

Website: Pueblo

Sagrada Familia church


Guell park


Batiló house




Plaza Espanya


Montjuic palace


Shopping ​Shopping Malls

If you tell Fernanda I wrote this I’m a dead man. I’ve been in Barcelona more than 30 years ago, in a rush to proceed to France and Germany.

I got an excellent idea of the town, but, for one reason or another, I never went back – even when we went to Andorra, and Salou, visiting Montserrat, we skipped Barcelona.


Last year I decided It was time, and convinced Fernanda to spend a week in the beach (near Barcelona…), after returning from Croatia.​

It just happened that we made some Spanish friends in Croatia, and, after 2 days in Gava (as previously booked) we decided to move to Roses to meet them.

​That gave me only 3 hours to visit Barcelona. Now the secret: I spent 5 of those 3 hours… standing and waiting at the door of El Corte Inglês!