Lodging in Segovia


I recommend Los Arcos hotel

In the Best Place

In my first time in Segovia I stayed in this hotel. Good hotel, excellent location, a little bit pricy.

In my second visit I went to another hotel, cheaper, farther, reasonable.

In my third visit I tried the cheaper one, which had no vacancy. I checked Los Arcos, and… surprise! The prices were falling down, even cheaper than the other.

I choose it, and found the same quality as before. So, my advice is… do check the prices.

​The hotel is one of the best in town, and, at promotional rates, it’s surely a good business. For instance, when writing this tip I checked their actual prices, and they were selling 133 € rooms for… 50. Good!

Address: Paseo De Ezequiel Gonzalez 26, Segovia, Segovia, 4

Phone: 34-21437462

Website: Los Arcos

Positive impression Puerta de Segovia hotel


Easy access

I used this hotel in my second visit to Segovia. It was a cheap solution, in mid class hotels, and worked fine. The only problem was the 2 ks distance from the centre of town, but as I needed to go each day to La Granja de San Ildefonso, the location was perfect (closer, and with easy access).

In my third visit to Segovia it was complete, so I went to Los Arcos, where, for my surprise, the prices were lower.


Phone: 34-921-437161

Website: Puerta de Segovia