Visiting Avila


To see Avila

The first two or three times I passed in Avila, I didn’t enter town, feeling enough the strong sensation of its large ramparts.

Last time, I decided to enter and have lunch.

I confirmed that constraining Avila to its magnificent walls was unfair.

​It really deserves a visit to the historic site.

The long Walls


Almost three kilometers long, the walls of Avila come from the 12th century, built with the remains of ancient Roman constructions.

They are surrounded by a road, allowing you to circle it and stop here and there for a closer look or photo.

​Some segments of the walls are part of palaces or churches, however, the most impressive image is the overall look, from a reasonable distance.

​External ring


Entering the walls is mandatory to visit the historic city, but the real sensation of power and strength given by the wall is only obtained from the external road, that encloses the old city.

​Either if you stay or just passing by, that road is a must that you shouldn’t skip.

​Entering the walls

Picture 017


Don’t stand only in photographing the walls.

​Go inside, see the site, the cathedral, St Vincent and st Thomas churches, the palaces, and finally go to Sta Teresa’s convent to find that, talking about “Avila de los Caballeros” or “Avila de Sta Teresa”, you are talking about the same town (I think!) – Avila, for me.

The Cathedral

Picture 020

Avila’s cathedral was the first Gothic temple in Spain.

​Half church, half castle, it is included in the famous wall, projected as a stronghold with french influences.

Picture 019