Visiting Tenerife

Tenerife 0

To see Before leaving to Canary Islands, Fernanda dreamed on a tropical island.

The arid and naked landscape of Grand Canaria was a disappointment, we rapidly had to replace by the exploration of the island attractions.

However, it helped to appreciate Tenerife. Though sharing the essential of the landscape, Tenerife has more diversity (and green) and it was a place we really enjoyed to discover.

Overlooking all the area, the sleeping volcano is the highest point of Tenerife. It´s easy to visit and deserves it.​

Puerto de La Cruz


Puerto de La Cruz is the most beautiful town of Canary islands, and seen from above the clouds or from sea level, it provides spectacular views.

​It was in Puerto de la Cruz that my younger kid (7 years) got lost and after putting local police in search of him we found him quietly waiting for us at the natural pools entrance, and it was also in Orotava that I bought the most sensational papaya I ever saw, and justified a banquet upon our arrival to Portugal.



Spanish are the best taking advantage of beaches, even when… there is no beach.

That is not exactly the case, but I must confess that Canary islands are far from being a great option for beach.

Cold water, only a few and crowded beaches, arid landscape where, as a friend of mine with great sense of humor said, each single palm tree 50 centimeters high deserves a dedicated light, doesn’t match the idea ​of tropical paradise that most people have in mind before going.​

Spanish professionalism makes miracles, and the poverty of the islands is well disguised – a never stopping line of hotels restaurants and bars turn it in a lively place, where no one gets bored, and if you decide to really go to the beach… well it’s possible… here and there…

Chocolate cake


The road linking Los Cristianos and Teide, is, in a small section, cut in the volcanic rock, displaying a colorful set of layers, in a visual effect that someone baptized as the “chocolate cake”.

​Well, its nice, and easily accessible.



The Teide is 3555 meters high, reachable by car until 2300 meters, in park de las Canadas. It’s a visit to all kind of interests, where the rock formations and the struggle to adapt by the local flora provide unexpected sights.

To go to the top you must use the teleferic, working from 9 to 17 in summer and 10 to 16 in winter. In summer you may expect the long lines that made us skip it.


You must go up to the Teide, to see the volcano and to watch a strange world. Evolution allowed the growth of a few uncommon plants, giving colour and smoothness to the violent volcanic landscape.