Visiting Gran Canaria


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Gran Canaria was our gateway to the archipelago, and largely responsible for the initial disappointment, finding desert where we expected tropical vegetation.
It was also there that we began to understand the effort and merit of Spanish tourism.

Canary islands are a hard job, with a reasonable success.​

​Las Palmas

Gran Canaria

We didn’t spend much time in Las Palmas.

It seemed a modern city, with a reasonable beach, but with too much movement, so, we quickly moved to the southern coast.

However, we understand that living in Las Palmas may have some hidden advantages that we didn’t find (nor search for).

​Sioux City

Gran Canaria

As usual, an old stage to cowboy films was kept and used to a live show. A group of stunts perform an assault and the subsequent fight and escape. Everything is too quick, almost as real.

After and before the show you may wander around the village, have a drink in the saloon, or visit the Indian camping. On Fridays, you may also eat a barbecue.

Address: Barranco del Águila, s/n

Website: Sioux City

​Palmitos Park

Gran Canaria

About 10 km from Maspalomas, this cool park has a nice collection of cactus, and a very funny show of trained birds.

It’s a very good idea for a brake in sun tanning, and a must see if you’re travelling with children.

Website: Palmitos park 

​Yellow Submarine

Gran Canaria

In the harbor of Mogan you may try an adventure, diving in a small submarine that goes to about 20 meters deep.

It’s a serious dive, but the bottom of the sea is a disappointment.

For those lucky guys that once had watched the coral reefs, even in a glass bottom boat, the only positive points of this short trip are the sensation of being under the water, and the small stress that comes when the crew simulates an emergency.

One or two fishes later… that’s all.​

Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

I strongly recommend that you do as we did: to rent a jeep and go inland.

The landscape is awesome, and the contrast between the rural villages in the narrow valleys and the organized development in the coast is impressive.

​Drive up through Palmitos park, go up the mountain, and descend to the coast in another direction – you won’t regret!