Eating in Fuengirola


I recommend Taberna Chinorros

Good tapeo

We had a lot of trouble choosing a restaurant suitable for a large group with children. With all the esplanades full of people, the solution was to go inside, with lots of space despite the air-conditioned. We decided to have tapas, and ordered a large variety with everyone having a bite in everything.

​It was a funny dinner, with good surprises and a very reasonable price. It was far from “home”, and we couldn’t repeat the experience.

Address: C/ Larga, 10, Fuengirola, 29640

Phone: +34 952 46 63 59

Positive impression Top Noodles


We took away

We never ate in this restaurant, but used it a couple of times to take food to eat at home. The food was good, well served and packed, with a wise solution to identify the different types of curry, wok, or whatever. The prices were normal, and the service, not too fast, was gentle.

Address: Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 1 Local 8, Fuengirola

Phone: +34 951 51 49 22

Santiago de Compostela Gastromercado


If it weren’t the children

Searching for the right restaurant, this space strongly “invited” us, with small restaurants providing a wide choice, from gourmet to the simple local food. We were with children, and installing them in a so crowded place was not possible, so we moved elsewhere, but my eyes stayed there. That is a place where I really would like to eat!

Maybe next time in Fuengirola…

Address: Calle de España nº 5 

Phone: +34 678 875 641

Website: Gastromercado

Top restaurant Casa Belen


Best meal

Our best meal in Fuengirola was in this restaurant – excellent meat, fresh fish, good preparation and presentation.

​Of course, it was also the most expensive, but not too much, and the quality justified the difference.

Address: Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 4, Fuengirola

Phone: 952467573

Positive impression Limonero


Regular food

This was the only “chiringuito” in the beach that we tried this time. It serves the usual food, with fish dominating the menu, at the usual prices. Nothing remarkable, but we were nine without complaints. The only distinctive detail was to see the sardines that we ordered as starter grilling facing us across the window.

Address: Calle Alberto Morgenstern, 14, Fuengirola

Directions: In the beach, by Sohail castle

Phone: +34 952 11 92 58

I recommend Coriander


Good Indian

It announces itself as “Indian-Texmex-Italian” but we only found and tried the first and last types of cuisine. They were both good, specially the Indian food, spiced according to the preferences of each customer. The service was efficient and nice, good presentation and the average price.

Favorite Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala

Address: Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 2,, Fuengirola

Phone: +34 951 90 38 07

Positive impression Nasdaq


​Good marketing

In our first night in Fuengirola, strolling in Paseo Maritim. we were approached by a girl with a leaflet announcing extremely low prices in this restaurant. A few days later, wanting a light dinner, we remembered the leaflet, and went there. The menu was short, matching half of the pictures of a placard in the facing walkway, but everybody (we were 8) found something satisfactory. The good surprise was the service – according to the promoted prices we expected small dishes, but they all came very well served, and the food was tasty. At the end, the overall price was… the normal for that standard.