Passing by Carboneras


​A beach

To see There are many beaches in Andaluzia, some of the very popular, some other less known. All of them have warm and calm water.

Carboneras, as most beaches in Almeria area, is not a top destination. However, it has all the common conditions of Spanish beaches, without the confusion of the top destinations.

Surrounded by a natural bank, in the most wild and desert area of Spain, it allows calm vacations.

San Andre castle


In the centre of the village there’s a castle from the 16th century, that has been reconstructed and it is used to cultural events.

​I didn’t enter it, but I think that the only remarkable detail it’s the building itself.



I had a good visual impression of Carboneras, but I must confess that it remains out of my priorities – it is far from Portugal, it is isolated, with no many touristy complements around, and, in the middle of the Spanish “oven”, the weather may be too hot for my tastes.

The wild coast near Carboneras