Visiting Slovenia

Srednia Vas

To see Visiting Slovenia

 Historic and modern constructions, natural wonders, good food and drink, a few UNESCO world heritage sites, all in a small area,

​Slovenia is great for tourism, with diversity “flavored” with flowers.


Visiting Slovenia - Bled
Visiting Slovenia – Bled

​Bled is really a marvel, but… it doesn’t add much to what we see in postcards – a lake, an island, and a castle hanging over them.

​Maybe the rain that we had added a sad idea, maybe a pain in one foot gave me the wrong mind condition, but I enjoyed more Bohinj.


Visiting Slovenia – Ljubljana

My sons had already visited Slovenia, which they referred as “the most beautiful” of the several countries they visited.

Ljubljana was special, and, travelling to Trieste area I had to plan this visit.

​It was perfect! Ljubljana is a nice city, easy to visit in the short time that we had. The many thing that I registered are being related in my Ljubljana page.

Website: Ljubljana


Visiting Slovenia – Piran

Occupying the tip of a peninsula, this small city keeps the charm of the ancient days, with narrow streets flanked by old houses and monuments.

Without a real beach, Piran is surrounded by several artificial bathing areas, rounding a small marina.

​Nice place that I describe in my Piran page.

Address: Piran

Website: Slovenia


Visiting Slovenia – Portoroz

I had great expectations about this beach, mentioned as the best of Slovenia.

Well, I was somewhat disappointed – the beach is mainly artificial.

ot ugly, not bad, well equipped, good restaurants, but…I had a quick bath on a tapestry of algae, a good dinner, and a good night sleep in Portoroz. It was all.


Visiting Slovenia – Postojna

World Heritage to UNESCO, this caves were one of our top priorities and they confirmed the expectations.

Postojna impresses for its grandiosity, and the long ride in a small train a freezing but wonderful sensation.

​Pictures are forbidden, but I think that only a 123 years old Spanish lady did respect the polite and discreet recommendations.

Address: Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna

Website: Postojna

Predjama castle

Predjama casstle
Visiting Slovenia – Predjama

Close to Postojna, this “impossible” castle is located at the entrance of a wide cave.

​Protected by the mountain, it was initially built in the 13th century, and served as shelter to several noble families until being destroyed in 1511. A second building didn’t resist an earthquake, and the actual was built in 1570 in Renaissance style.It is served by a complex of caves, linking to Postojna, and with lots of history concerning supplying the castle under sieges.

Address: 6230 Predjama

Website: Predjama

​Ribcez Laz

Srednia Vas
Visiting Slovenia – Ribcev Laz

The closest village to Bohinj lake, and the best place to stay, but Ribcev Laz is also an interesting village.

Skocian caves

Skocjan caves
Visiting Slovenia – Skocjan caves

​The Skocjan caves are the attraction that takes people to this region.

Accepted as Natural World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986, they surely deserve the trip

​Skofja Loka

Skofia Loka
Visiting Slovenia – Skofja Loka

A small city with lots of personality.

The centre of the Skofja Loka, though here and there demanding maintenance, is well preserved, and evidences well the past.

​Short distances make the visit easy and without any boring area.