Skocjan caves

Skocjan caves

To see UNESCO World Heritage, this caves are a awesome travel in one underground canyon. They impress for its size, with the river running dozens of meters below you. You walk in a narrow path, carved in the rocky flanks of the river, with the ceiling of the cave also far from your head. It’s dark, with the artificial illumination strategically displayed and dimmed. The few usual formation (stalactites and stalagmites) are not impressive. As we walk, feeling smaller and helpless step after step, the light at the end of the tunnel, in the “dolina”, acquires a sense of hope, returning to human dimension and life.

​The “dolina” is a wide hole, with a few small waterfalls and… green… splendid green, “pushing” you up to the surface and daylight. More than seeing, Skocjan caves are something to feel, and only feeling it you may clearly understand my words

Address: Matavun 12, 6215 Divaca, Slovenia

Website: Park

​The caves

Skocjan caves

​I visited this caves coming from Postojna, and the comparison is inevitable.

Well, Postojna is bigger and more beautiful, but bring not much to anyone who saw many beautiful caves than the size.

Skocjan is different: a first area also common, with the usual stalactites and stalagmites (Poor, indeed!) and a breathtaking second part – a subterranean canyon, 100 meters high, with vertiginous views and shades, and a river roaring somewhere below you.

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P9140278e orig

It’s more than 2 km walking in “impossible” trails and slipping steps. A blessed fence assures that everything will end well. The end happens in a dolina. It’s, a natural incident where the canyon’s roof collapsed into the canyon, diverting the river and opening a large and deep well with trees saluting the sun.

Pictures inside are forbidden (a pity). Exiting is the moment to the photographers, trying to catch anything to remember the astonishing visit.

Address: Škocjan 2, 6215 Diva?a, Slovenia

Website: Caves