Portoroz beach


To see I choose Portoroz to sleep, in the way from Ljubljana to Italy, to know the so said “best beach” of Slovenia.

Well, as a beach…

We had a good dinner, and the landscape is nice, didn’t waste our time.

​And I had a 30 seconds swim…



Portoroz was mentioned as the best Slovenian beach, and I was expecting something better. Of course it is developed, with hotels and restaurants everywhere, but the beach is poor.

​As a matter of fact, beaches are artificial and private areas by the sea, here and there with small vestiges of sand.

I had a swim in one of those small pieces of sand (public area) with too many algae and a brownish water.

Well… I’ve seen better!

The “natural” beach of Portoroz is almost useless. 

​​Sun seekers must book a chair in a private artificial area by the sea, and swimmers must dive from it. The sea is calm, the temperature in the water is good, but beach, for us, is a different thing. From there we went to Lignano Sabbiadoro – a “real beach” in Italy (I wrote about it, of course!)

​The coast


If the main beach didn’t convince me at all, the sights of the coast were very beautiful.

The landscape is nice, and the steep coast allows many viewpoints of great beauty.

​Travelling by car in the coast is a very positive experience if you forget parking difficulties.