Ljubljana hotels


Ljubljana hotels

Positive impression Emonec hotel

Centrally located

It was an experience, living two nights in this building where it was possible to feel the presence of the communist times.

A very heavy and ugly construction, tremendously austere, where the comfort was clearly a recent adding to tourists.

The room, though looking like a prison or monastery cell, was large and comfortable, breakfast was minimalist but acceptable, and the price… the cheapest that we found in three stars.

The location, one minute walking from Preseren, was perfect since we were installed, but hard to arrive or to leave. 

Ljubljana hotels - Emonec
Ljubljana hotels – Emonec

​​Though the hotel has some parking slots, the traffic conditioning in the area only allows a couple of hours of circulation each day, which means that we must leave the car out of it. Kongressni trg, also nearby has a parking but very expensive, so we used the parking of Republic square, 200 meters away, where, with a document from the hotel’s reception we paid for the parking 7 € each day, with free entrance and exit anytime we want.

Address: Wolfova 12, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia

Phone: 386 1 200 15 20

​Website: Emonec