Deep in Alentejo


To see I’ve been in Mourão twice, both times… to eat.

In this second time I demanded a few minutes to look around, and caught a general idea of the city.

That’s all, until the third visit.

​Maybe to eat!

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Mourão – Center

City Centre

The traditional look of Alentejo is well present in City’s centre.

​Small sized buildings giving a village look, white walls, and an absolute calm are, really the true Alentejo at its best.

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Mourão – Castle


Conquered by the Christians in 1271, this castle witnessed many wars, suffering the consequent transformations. In one of them some Manueline details were added.

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Mourão – Candeias church

Candeias church

This church, integrated in the city walls, was built by order of king Pedro II, in 1681.

​Seriously damaged by Lisbon earthquake in 1755, it was restored about 50 years ago, respecting its original Baroque style.

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Mourão – Misericórdia

Misericórdia church

A very simple church, built in 1719 in Baroque style, became even simpler in 1998 after a few reconstruction works.

​It is located close to City Hall.

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Mourão – Square

Central square

It is nice, the central square of Mourão.

​Dominated by a flourished band stand, classified as national monument, the well gardened square, with Portuguese cobblestone pavements, is surrounded by elegant buildings respecting the style proportions and colors of the region.

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Mourão – S. Francisco

S. Francisco church

Linked to Misericórdia church by an arch, the interior of this small Baroque church is covered by tiles from the 18th century.

​No changes were made, and everything in it is original.

Mourão – Chimney


Alentejo has a typical architecture, with some similarities to Algarve and the north of Africa, but with specific differences – low houses, thick walls always painted in white to reflect the heat and with big chimneys.

Mourão matches the regional standards, but with a local detail – the big chimneys are round.

Old memories