A visit to Arraiolos

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To see True Alentejo

Famous by their special tapestry, Arraiolos is a small city where I passed a dozen times without stopping.

This time I took a day to GO THERE, and visit the place.

It was embellished to the event “Tapetes na rua” (tapestry in the streets), but the true image of Alentejo was honestly present everywhere. It was a nice day, that I will describe in this page (Under construction)

​Misericórdia church

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In the centre of town, this small church is a mandatory visit – its rich interior joins to the gilded altar and the rich tiles from the 18th century that cover the walls, a ceiling that reminds the image of the tapestries that are the city’s ex-libris.

​The pillory

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The pillory, common detail in most Portuguese villages in the middle ages, is interesting, with its twisted shape, and conserving the four arms in iron. It is located in the central square.

The castle


Interpretation center

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City hall

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​The court


The centre of town


Band stand

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Main church

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“Fonte da pedra” (Stone fountain)


São Francisco church


“Passos da Paixão” chapel


Nossa Senhora do Castelo church


Clock tower

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Nossa Senhora das Dores church


Monument to the “tapeteira” (carpet worker)