Vila Galé

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Personal memories ​Clube de Campo Vila Galé

More than a (good) hotel, this country club is a good opportunity to contact with the wild side of Alentejo planes.

​Well, wilderness is a little artificial, but the pace that fills the traditional jokes about “alentejanos” it’s easy to feel and understand here. Winery, horse rides, organized animation, it all help to fill the day in a smooth contact with nature.

Directions: Albernoa, 25 Km from Beja

Website: Vila Galé

Vila Gal?

Horse riding

One of the several featured activities in Vila Galé is horse riding.

We didn’t do it, but, even in low season, the activity was remarkable, and the weather perfect for a nice ride.

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Quad moto

I think that it hardly fits in this well conceived contact with nature, but one of the solutions to travel around is four wheel motorbikes.

Noise and smoke across those fields?

​Well, not for me…

Vila Gal?

Nature around Beja

Showing the nature is the main objective of Clube de Campo Vila Galé.

The area is nice (with some help from man’s work), but not enough to justify the visit.

​That’s why it needed to be improved.

A few imported animals joined some native other, in a small zoo that only a large fence opposite to a lake denounces as limited. Storks and other birds “cooperate” with the idea.