Monte Gordo – A beach to Portuguese

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To see Monte Gordo is only a beach, with nothing more than a good sea, a large and long stripe of sand, hotels, apartments and camping for thousands, and many restaurants that in August don’t seem to be that much.

I spent there two weeks.

I hate to stay under the sun.

​I survived.


Monte Gordo beach

If swimming or staying under the sun are your goal, then Monte Gordo is a good option – the water is the warmest in Portugal, the beach, though generally crowded, is large enough for the thousands that use it.

Lodging and catering are cheaper than in the top touristy destinations.That’s why the percentage of Portuguese people in this beach is much bigger than elsewhere, only the Spanish taking advantage of the proximity to mix with us.

​There’s not much to see and do, locally, but is possible to make a few short trips to some interesting points – Faro is less than one hour distant, and Seville less than two hours, for instance.