Eating in Monte Gordo

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I recommend Honorato

Monte Gordo

Good experience

An almost empty restaurant in the front line of the beach, uses to mean… either bad or expensive (or both). That was not the case.We had a good lunch paying a correct price. We did never return there only because it was a little out of our usual path, and there were too many options everywhere.

Favorite Dish: I had a very good Tuna in Algarve style.

Price Comparison: about average

Directions: In first line of the beach

I recommend Barca dos Sabores

Monte Gordo

Take away

This was my favorite take-away in Monte Gordo.

​Only three different dishes, well chosen, cooked and charged. It has only a couple of tables, betting mainly in take-away. It was a perfect solution to grab a dinner while returning home from the beach.

Address: 10, R. Francisco Almeida

Directions: Near Guadiana Apart-hotel

I recommend Migalhas

Monte Gordo

Good place

I had dinner there twice.

​Watching football in the big screen was the objective and that was, probably the reason why the service was so slow (full house).

In the first time I was alone, and I must confess that I didn’t notice the time passing. The second time the family was there, and the ladies were rather impatient (and me too).Well, I enjoyed the food.

Many different dishes, well served, at regular prices.

Furthermore, this was the best take-away that we used. Well displayed and cooked food, gentleness in service, only the prices were almost the same than at the table. I was there again last year, and something seemed different.

​As a matter of fact I couldn’t locate it. I was afraid that it could be closed, but read in Tripadvisor some appreciations in 2016, which means that it remains there. Good!

I recommend B. B. B.

Monte Gordo

The best

The ugliest of the three restaurants in the beach was my favorite.

They are all very similar in conditions, menu and price, but the service of BBB was a little better than the other.

​We checked more than once!It is managed by Navegadores hotel, and that may be justify the differences.

Favorite Dish: Grilled fish”Conquilhas”

Directions: On the beach

Bad day Jopel

Monte Gordo

Could be better

Very well located – on the sand but easily accessible from the walkway, this was our first experience. Not bad, but it could be better – drinks were not cool enough, service was slow.

A second visit left better impression – drinks were OK, service continued slow, and somewhat confuse.

Favorite Dish: Grilled fish

Directions: On the beach

Phone: 281544202

Positive impression Mamma Mia

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​Just Pizza

Too much people in a restaurant generally means good price or good quality (or both).

This was one of the most occupied restaurants in my area, thus becoming my first option. Well, they sell reasonable pizzas, not too cheap and not too kindly.

​Nothing serious to complaint, but I went elsewhere.

Price Comparison: about average

I recommend Taj Mahal

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Good Indian

We visited this restaurant several times, always with pleasure. It’s typical Indian food, but they always spice it according to the costumers demand, and that makes all the difference.The prices were very acceptable.

Favorite Dish: We tried a large diversity, and all the dishes were aproved.

Address: Rua D. Francisco de Almeida

Price Comparison: about average

Phone: +351 281 543 499

I recommend Jaime

Map of Baixa area

Great Menu

Very well located, it was Fernanda’s top choice taking us there several times.

​Variety, good quality, regular price, the only problem is being always full (at least the esplanade), with service delaying a little.

Favorite Dish: Grilled shrimps

Address: 1 Luis Camões sq

Price Comparison: about average

Phone: +351 281542278

Positive impression Contreras

Monte Gordo

In the beach

Among the three restaurants in the beach this was our last option. Why?

Because it displayed the poorest information of them all – no menu, no prices, just a place to sit and… to risk.

Well, we ended well served, eating a “Cataplana” that, as expected, cost a little more than the average meal, and demanded a little more work (and dirt) smashing the shells.

Overall, the impression of our single visit was positive.

Favorite Dish: Cataplana de Marisco

Address: On the beach

Price Comparison: about average