Sleep in Amarante


Positive impression Navarras

It was easy to approach the hotel, well signposted, a little bit harder to find it in location. Exiting a roundabout we didn’t see the lights (if they were on…). 

The hotel is good at walking distance from the historic center.

The room was comfortable, only the pillow seeming to thin and soft.

The bathroom was perfect, and breakfast well served, even for a British (I didn’t taste the beans, but they were there also).
Parking facing the hotel was easy and free, but I think that I was just lucky, because the spaces were not many, and, in the morning they were hardly disputed.

Hotel7 Casa da Calçada

Lisbon - Belém

A nice building by the river attracted our attention. We noticed that it is a hotel, and reading about it, I found many good references. 

​Well, I don’t know the prices and the quality of the services, but the look and location are perfect, and if I have a second night in Amarante I will check it carefully