Memories of Madeira

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Personal memories Memories of Madeira

Eternal Beauty

Madeira suffered a lot from strong flooding, but it was almost recovered in my last visit. I want to state my solidarity to the people, and my absolute confidence that, in a couple of weeks, as soon as the mud will be removed, the beauty of the island is glowing again.

​PS I had the opportunity to go there again in June, for the Open Dance Contest. We were admitting to go there again this year, but the crises forced the organizers to cancel the festival. I think that we will miss Madeira this year.

​Southern coast

Memories of Madeira
Memories of Madeira – South coast

The density of construction in the southern coast, from Machico to Ribeira Brava is too high.

Using every possible location in the steep hills, the houses hang among trees and flowers, in a miracle of adaptation.

​Nature may disagree, as shown in the recent flooding, but combines well with men to compose a very nice landscape.


Memories of Madeira – Folk dances

The folklore in Madeira has many contact points with the continental one (as expected) but it has a funny distinctive detail – the dancers perform always bent, with the eyes in the floor.

Tradition says that the humble workers in sugar cane plantations didn’t dare to face their masters while dancing.

PS – I saw them in Funchal, but the best photo was taken years before, in my home town.