Visiting Santo da Serra


To see Visiting Santo da Serra – farming

I wouldn’t go there, but I was taken there.

Santo da Serra is a somewhat plane area in a generally steep island, and that’s why (maybe) it became the destination of golfers in Madeira.

​A new project to protect biodiversity is the most visited highlight, in a village that is also known by its cider production.

Biodiversity farm

Visiting Santo da Serra
Visiting Santo da Serra

We had lunch in a farm that is managed by the government, and pretends to protect the island’s biodiversity.

A well kept space with a small zoo, it is a special place for kids, but also nice for adults.

​It seems that there are golf and horses nearby, but I didn’t see them.


Santo da Serra

Cider is a well known drink from apple, not appreciated in Portugal.

As a mater of fact, inland, it will be difficult to find it out of the malls specialized in imported articles. The only Portuguese place that I know where cider is produced and appreciated is in Santo da Serra.

​Of course, all tourists passing there are invited to taste, and all Portuguese leave saying that… they don’t miss much at home…