Visiting São Vicente

São Vicente

To see Visiting São Vicente

When crossing from the south to the northern coast, in the middle of the area, we arrive to S. Vicente.

It´s a nice small town, with a wide but rough pebble beach, with a restaurant in the centre of it.

The church

Visiting São Vicente
Visiting São Vicente – Church

The church of São Vicente, obviously dedicated to the same saint, was built in the 17th century, and has a painted ceiling with the saint blessing the city.

The beach

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Visiting São Vicente . Beach

Though the weather was excellent, the beach was not exactly an invitation – a rocky beach with a rough sea is not the best combination.

​Nice to see, but from distance…

The chapel

Visiting São Vicente – Chapel

In the middle of the river, in the beach, there’s a small chapel built in 1694 upon an odd rock formation, in a place where tradition says that the saint has appeared.

​I was afraid that recent flooding could have damaged it, but, no, it is perfect.

​North road

Hub in the north
Visiting São Vicente

The northern side of the island is wild, with steep mountains providing strong background to the scenery road.

S. Vicente is the easiest access either eastbound or westbound, usually functioning as the starting point to two alternative circuits.

​I did it westbound… twice, which means that I will probably return to S. Vicente to complete the program.