Shopping in Funchal

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Shopping Shopping in Funchal

Anadia shopping center

Saved from flooding

Located close to the Farmer’s market, this mall was severely hit by the dramatic flooding a few weeks before our visit. It was nice to see that it was almost completely recovered and back to work, but I didn’t enter.

​Of course, Fernanda did it, and left quickly. Bad signal – small place, or still many shops to reopen? I checked internet and it seems to be working normally again (please, don’t tell anything to Fernanda…)

​Farmer´s market

Shopping in Funchal
Shopping in Funchal – Farmer’s market

Though hardly promoted as a tourist attraction in Funchal, this market still pulses as a vital hub for food supply.

​The touristy cares are revealed by the flower stalls at the entrance, with sellers in regional costume, but inside it’s interesting to notice the main local productions.