O Confrade

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I recommend Good restaurant

O Confrade

Well placed in the noble area of town, and with a strong image, we were not surprised by the long lines, in a very touristy day – a sunny first of May.We joined the lines, and they promised us a table in the esplanade – “excellent”, we thought.

Well, we had our table in the esplanade, but in the extremity, already in the back, with two inconvenient – no view, and the long distance from the kitchen promising the slow service that we had.

The menu had many typical dishes, hard to chose, but I opted by “Arroz de sarrabulho”, a typical rice, while Fernanda chose codfish.

We were presented with tons of food. Demanding a box, we invited half of the codfish to come with us, and it was my dinner at home.

The rice was delicious, and came with a few more typical things – rojões, farinhento, negrito, whatsoever…

A good lunch, in a festive city living a festive day.

Address: Mercado Municipal Loja 1,, Passeio 25 de Abril    Phone: +351 258 753 609