Os Manuéis

I recommend Casa da Auleira

This was a last minute booking, and the trip to reach it was frightening. A very narrow, windy and dark road, always going up, always seeming more isolated and… lost.

​There was no one in place, and I had to phone to the owner, caught by surprise, and that promised to be there in minutes. He did.

Registration was quick and easy, and we were led to a good room, with new furniture, everything perfect except… wify. It is announced, there’s a leaflet with the password, but the signal was so weak that we gave up.

Casa de Auleira 1

Fernanda found the mattress a lithe bit hard, ok for me, and we had a good night sleep. The bathroom is good for one, small for two at the same time, but could be used with a bit of  cooperation.

In the morning we could appreciate the beauty of the well conceived and decorated space, while waiting for the owner to prepare the good breakfast.

Auleia 2
Casa de Auleira 2

Daytime reduced the sensation of isolation and reaching the center of Ponte da Barca was only a question of a few minutes. For the price that we paid, this was a perfect solution that I have no doubt to recommend.