Visiting Sesimbra


​ ​To see Well protected against the north winds, Sesimbra is an excellent place to spend some days.

Pleasant to swim, its good location makes it a good starting point to search for the charms of the region.
Arrábida, Tróia and Espichel are not to be missed, and, when passing in Azeitão don’t forget the cheese.

​And the wine. And…

The Castle

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A ruined castle on the top of the hill, is a place you must visit, more for the sights then for its own relevance.

It has a history, yes it is interesting, but, believe me, when you reach the walls and see Sesimbra, you immediately forget what is closer to you. The best views are from the walls opposite to a small cemetery, that closes at 6 PM (I think) earlier than the castle (8 PM).

​In my last visit we had to try different angles, not so pretty.

​The Beach


A long (here and there narrow) stripe of sand, lined by restaurants, and protected against north wind by the mountain, this beach challenges Nazaré for the title of the best structured beach on western coast.

Nazaré has its people… Sesimbra one or two more degrees in water temperature…

​You decide (or visit both… they do deserve it)

​Cabo Espichel

Visiting Sesimbra 12

Cabo Espichel is a rocky cliff near Sesimbra, with good sights over the sea and a sanctuary dating from the 18th century and surrounded by several constructions in different styles.

​Pilgrimage, now abandoned, justified a local inn, still standing near the complex “Casa da Agua”

I recommend Ribamar – Good Fish


Well located facing the sea, this restaurant serves several dishes of fish, with a careful and delicate preparation. Price is high, but reasonable for the top quality.

Favorite Dish: Tamboril com molho de lavagante (Monk-fish with lobster sauce).Espadarte à casa (Swordfish home style)

Address: Av Dos Náufragos, 29

Phone: 351 21 223 48 53

Website: Restaurant