Beautiful Dornes


To see Dornes

Dornes is a village stopped in time, “sleeping” by the calm waters of Castelo do Bode dam.

One day, someone discovered that its old image surrounded by the beautiful landscape, could act as a touristy attraction, and invested in simple resources.

Well, it is there, looking not so medieval as announced, but composing a wonderful site.

​I was only passing by, and didn’t test the restaurant and hotel, nor the available water sports.

Medieval tower


Well, if the village doesn’t look as medieval as announced, no doubts about the tower that tops the whole.

The most visible of the two medieval remains in the village is this Templar tower, built in the 12th century, in location of a former Roman tower from the first century BC.

​It seems to be a peculiar building because its 5 sides were not common in those constructions.

Nossa Senhora do Pranto


If you decide to learn portuguese (good idea!) you may practice reading in CEAO the legend that assigns to queen Isabel the construction of the chapel by the medieval tower of Dornes, and tries to explain its name – Our Lady of Crying.

Too long to translate to this pages, it’s a curious story, demonstrating well Portuguese traditions and beliefs.

​History confirms that the church was built in the 13th century, and rebuilt in 1453.



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