Portalegre District

Portalegre district

To see My preferences in Portalegre District:

 ** Very interesting in Portalegre district:
      Castelo de Vide
  * Interesting:
      Campo Maior
​With time Alter do Chão, Amieira do Tejo, Ponte de Sor, Avis and Nisa

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Castelo de Vide

Castelo de Vide

A couple of times in Castelo de Vide, but only the last one with time to have a deep look at town.

It is small, rich in tradition, specially in connection with Jewish culture.

For a few years it became the regular location to one of the biggest dancing events in Portugal – Andanças.

Though facing the extreme heat of summer, that may be a great opportunity for a couple of days in town.



There are two ways to appreciate  Marvão – one of them entering the castle, enjoying its details, and the wide sights across border, showing that Portugal and Spain are only conventional designations for the same landscape.

The other one is from distance with the castle topping the ridge, as a sentinel guarding the hills, where “progress” is the pretext to some visual offenses…

​Why not mixing the two?

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