Portalegre – only 3 quick visits

Visiting Portalegre

Visiting Portalegre

One of my least known cities and areas of Portugal, this is, however, a beautiful town, where life flows slowly and gently.

​Republic square

Visiting Portalegre
Republic square

Main square in the old quarter, compensates in personality what it misses in commercial use and life.

A few small places, show the slow Alentejo pace.

​City Hall dominates the square.

​Tapestry Manufacturing

Old factory

I was curious about this building, understanding that it should have played a significant role in town.

​Well, as you may read in the link below, it seems to be a still working factory, and that, in the center of a town, it’s, today, a remarkable exception.

Website: Tapestry

​Old Town

Old town

Walking in the old town is a nice and relaxing experience.

The city shows the transition between Alentejo and Beira, with stone added to the white walls, but in a lighter way than in the north.

​Several palaces and churches may be seen, along the narrow cobblestone streets.


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Started in the 16th century, the final version was only completed in the 18th.

​Interesting, but not remarkable.



Facing and overlooking Portalegre there’s a mount with a cross in its top, with the best views of the area.

On its slope, and easily accessible, there’s a chapel from the 17th century that… I don’t know, it was closed!



Monument to the deaths of WW1


São Lourenço church




I recommend O Cobre – Quality and sympathy

O Cobre
O Cobre

A strange name in a discreet door in a quit street was the entrance to a simple restaurant, for my best experience in Portalegre.

I went there by recommendation of some locals, and I’m thankful to them.

​All the staff was extremely nice, and the food a success.

We wanted “Sopa de Cação” which was not in the menu, but the waiter called the cooker, and she said that she could do it for us.​

And she did it, with perfection. While we were eating, my wife saw a small plate passing with something looking like “pataniscas”.

Hotel Dom Dinis

​Asking the waiter, he answered that it was something different (“peixinhos da horta”), but… “please don’t ask for it, because they were the last”. My wife told him not to worry, because dinner was good, and “pataniscas” would only be an additional caprice, nothing more.

A few minutes later, another small dish came to our table, with six “pataniscas just fried for you”.

They were divine, and (I checked) they didn’t put it in the bill. Dessert was good, wine was good, price was… good.

What else could we desire?

Address: Av. Pio XII, Lote 7 R/C Dto         Phone: 351 245 328472

Local Events

Local events

The interior part of Portugal, including Portalegre, suffers a lot with emigration, abroad and to the littoral. 

To contribute to the promotion of these areas is common the public organizations to plan regular events there. 

That’s what took me to Portalegre, a city that, otherwise, would be far for my priorities. 

It is was a good idea, and I really loved the city.

30 Years

Memories of Portalegre - Local Events
O Cobre

30 years ago I passed, without stopping, by Portalegre (to be precise, I stopped just the time enough to take a general picture). Now, I WENT to Portalegre, and visited it. Comparing two pictures, took almost in the same position, it’s easy to understand the slow evolution suffered by most of the cities inland. That is bad, in terms of development, but good, in terms of preservation.