Amieira do Tejo

Amieira do Tejo

To see Visiting Amieira do Tejo

​I never heard about Amieira do Tejo until I saw it in a Spanish guide for Portugal. Going to the área, I added it to my itinerary, and visited, with curiosity. It is a common village, with a castle, a few kilometers far from the river. It’s Ok, as a detail in a trip to the deep Portugal.


Visiting Amieira do Tejo - Castle
Visiting Amieira do Tejo – Castle

Built by the Hospitallers after Belver, to enhance the defensive line of the river, this castle comes from the 13th century. 

​Losing its military importance it was partially used as private residence, and the courtyard as cemetery, until 1940 when it was classified as a national monument.


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Amieira do Tejo
Amieira do Tejo

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