Moving in Sintra


Transport Moving in Sintra

Steep city


The access to Pena’s palace from the park’s entrance is not far, but too steep.

A small and pretty bus is available, by a couple of euros to cover the distance.

Not much money nor service, and I always preferred to walk a little in the nice park.

Moving in Sintra
Moving in Sintra – Steep streets

Steep streets

Sintra is a pleasure, but not easy to visit. At the edge of the mountain, most streets are very steep and narrow.

With the attractions spread in the moun​tain, a private or public car is necessary, but parking is not easy.

Try to be in good condition when visiting, and the city wonders will make you forget the effort.


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Moving in Sintra – Parking

Parking is not easy in Sintra, and that is a real problem, since car is the best way to visit it.

Downtown, the best solution is the sightseeing point at the entrance, and the following road (in the way back).

In Pena things are even worse.

​The castle’s park, a few hundred meters distant, is, sometimes the only solution, but in peak days even that is difficult, public transport becoming the only solution.

​Bus in Pena Palace

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Moving in Sintra – Bus

Standing atop a steep hill, Pena palace may represent one of two things: a very hard walk in a fabulous landscape, with signposted indications and attractions on the way, or the need of motorized transport.

Getting there by car it’s easy (good signals) but parking is not so easy. A good solution is the public bus, using line 434, that starts in the railway station, and stops in the historical centre, the moor castle and the palace’s entrance (buses with more than 35 places are not allowed in the narrow road).​

From there to the palace it’s still a few hundred meters of steep path, that you may skip using the local green bus (5.50€)

​Visiting the park can only be done on foot, and even the visit to the palace implies a minimum capacity to walk and climb stairs. But, after all, the effort is well rewarded!