4 – Eating in EXPO


Eating in EXPO

Given the length of my notes on Lisbon, I decided to divide them into sub-pages, by zones, the same applying to restaurants. More information about Lisbon restaurants is published in “General“, “Baixa“, Belém“, “New Avenues” and “Remote“.

Lisbon near EXPO
4 - Eating in EXPO 22


Positive impression True Alentejo

Located in “Parque das Nações” this is one of many restaurants lining the river. My wife wanted “Sopa de cação”, and that was the criteria used to choose. Well, the experience was good: excellent food, nice service, only a little bit pricey.

It was our last meal with two friends from Canada, and, at the end, Jordan passed me a signed paper with the statement:


I knew it, but Atanvá was the last and definitive detail to help him see the truth!

Favorite Dishes: Sopa de Cação, Naco, Bife Barrosão

Address: R. da Pimenta, 43/45, Parque das Nações          Phone: 351 21 895 04 80 


Eating in EXPO - Sfizio
Eating in EXPO – Sfizio

Bad day Closed

It was a good surprise, this restaurant located in “Parque das Nações”. Standing in the middle of a offices area, they found the balance between quality for those who can pay it, and price for those who need to lunch out each day.

​A positive impression, to check again.

Address: AV. D.Joao II lt 1.17.02 LJ A

Phone: +351 21 048 4490

Me and You

Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in EXPO – Me and You

Bad day Closed

Located in Parque das Nações this restaurant tries to conquer the mid class workers in the area. A modern decoration, international food half-way from fast-food to traditional one, balanced prices.

​Nothing special to recommend or to blame

Address: Avenida Dom João II Lote 1.17.03, 1990-084 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 894 7020

Sabores do Douro

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Eating in EXPO – Sabores do Douro

Positive impressionPortuguese food

Another eclectic restaurant somewhat hidden in a calm street of the busy and touristy area of Parque das Nações. The food is good, well served, and presented at average price. Just one more in the many options around. I read that it is the best place in Lisbon to eat “Francesinhas”, a sort of hamburger with a special sauce that became typical in Porto, but, being fast-food… I skipped it, obviously.

Favorite Dish: Secretos de porco preto

Address: Alameda dos Oceanos, lt 14 Galerias Rio Plaza

Phone: +351 21 820 57 53

Website: Sabores do Douro


Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in EXPO – Orizon

Positive impression Wide choice

This is a large restaurant, with an eclectic kitchen allowing several type of meals, from a buffet to a “a la carte” meal. 

​With visible Brazilian hands, it is reasonably priced.

Address: Parque das Nações

Phone: +351 21 896 8069

Senhor Peixe

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Eating in EXPO – Senhor Peixe

Positive impressionDedicated to Fish

My son, who doesn’t like fish invited me to this “Mister fish” restaurant – strange!Well, they have a good steak (he knew) but the speciality is fresh fish. Good, restaurant, reasonably priced.

Favorite Dish: Grilled fish

Address: Parque das Nações, near Rua Bojador

Phone: +351 218 955 892

Website: Senhor Peixe


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Eating in EXPO – Servejaria

Positive impression Beer and food

It is specialized in beer, but it works also well with those who don’t appreciate the drink. Fish or meat are well prepared and served, and, without being a cheap restaurant, the prices are regular.

(I had wine. A good one!)

Address: Rua Pimenta 15, 2715-311 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 895 7041

Website: Servejaria


Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in EXPO – Chimarrão

Doubtful impression Going Down

My first time in Chimarrão was a good experience: I like barbecue, and Brazilian style and service is very special.

A little bit pricey, as expected, but good.

This second experience was a disappointment. The restaurant downgraded the service in all aspects: Noisy room (with the help of a musician playing uncharacteristic and disposable music), confuse service, and hard meat.

We were twelve, I ordered “Rodizio” for all and, at the end, when Fernanda complained about the quality of the service, they told us that we were served “espeto longo” that only costs 13€ and not the 20€ of Rodizio.

​7€ of consolation for a client that ordered… Rodízio. Chimarrão was “entering water”, but time has passed, and it will deserve a third visit!

Favorite Dish: Picanha, that passed along my table four times (at least) and only was served when I expressly called the waiter and demanded it (and served only for two or three of us).

Address: Parque das Nações, between the Casino and the Aquarium.

Phone: 21 895 2222

Website: Chimarrão

Republica da cerveja

Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in EXPO – República da cerveja

It's there Beer and more

Specialized in beer, selling a large variety, this restaurant is prepared to large groups, with a broad menu including Portuguese dishes but also Italian or German. I don’t drink beer, that’s why, unless I am following someone,  I always choose… one of its neighbors.

Address: Parque das Nações

Directions: Near Rua Bojador . In Parque das Nações

Phone: +351 21 892 2590

Website: Republica da Cerveja

Namur II

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Eating in EXPO – Namur II

Positive impression Modern and cheap

Located in the trendy area of Parque das Nações, this restaurant tries to attract the people working in the offices around. Being mainly a pastry shop, it has also a modern cuisine, combing traditional Portuguese with international food.

​The decoration is modern, the service is simple and the price suitable to get regular users.

Favorite Dishes: Grouper with spinach


Address: Av. D. João II, Lote 1.16.03

Phone: +351 218949534