3 – Eating in Belém


Eating in Belém

Given the length of my notes on Lisbon, I decided to divide them into sub-pages, by zones, the same applying to restaurants. More information about Lisbon restaurants is published in “General“, “Baixa“, New Avenues“, “EXPO” and “Remote“.

Lisbon near EXPO
3 - Eating in Belém 10

Pastéis de Belém

Positive impression Why? Because!

Maybe you won’t distinguish one “Pastel de Belem” from the common (and also good) “pastel de nata”, but, the short break to eat a “pastel de Belem” is mandatory. Why? For two reasons:

1- It’s good.
2- Because.

Am I joking?

Of course… But can you tell me why everybody in Brussels must see the Manneken Pis?

Or the mermaid in Copenhagen? Or…

Did you answer “because they’re unique”? Well, then your pastel de Belem (and the other 14000 they produce each day) is also unique. And… damn… it is good.

Address: Rua Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 363 7423

Website: Pastéis de Belém

Os Jerónimos

Eating in Belém
Eating in Belém – Os Jerónimos

Positive impression Well located and priced

Located next door to the house of Pasteis de Belem, close to the Monastery of Jerónimos, this restaurant with the same name has a discreet (even ugly) entrance, that takes us to a reasonable room. The menu is well balanced, the prices affordable, and the service nice, quick and acceptable. 

​A good place for a quick lunch, without surrendering to fast-food, nor paying luxury.

Favorite Dish: Arroz de Peixe, Grilled fish

Address: R. Belem 74-78 Lisbon

Phone: 213638423

Tertúlia do Tejo -Eating in Belém… or near

Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in Belém – Tertúlia do Tejo

Doubtful impression To Check Again

Located in a food mall of Alcântara, in the recuperated side of the river, after walking up and down I sat in this esplanade. The menu was inviting and the service gentle.

I chose “Tranche de cherne na brasa com molho de coentros”, expecting a grilled piece of fish with coriander. I got it, but the fish was so high that it was badly grilled.

If you like sushi that could be your fish, though the  sauce was too discreet for a Japanese dish. It was tasty, well served, the list of wines was well balanced, the wine I asked was served “au point”, nothing to complaint. 

However, the almost 30 € I paid was excessive. So… maybe another visit, but I don’t know when. The world is so big, and even the “courtyard” that is Lisbon has so many good places to eat, that… I don’t know!

PS Two years have passed and I didn’t return there. Yet!

Address: Doca de Santo Amaro, Pavillon 4

Phone: (+351) 213.955.552

Website: Tertúlia do Tejo

Manaus -Eating in Belém… or near

Lisbon near EXPO
Eating in Belém – Alcântara

Top restaurant Small and Pratical

Having a meeting near Alcântara, and only 40 minutes to lunch, I tried to find something simple for a quick meal. This pastry shop announced regular meals, and looked as filling my needs.

It did!

I had a delicious roasted pork, a regular wine, the best melon in my memory and a coffee, all in less than 30 minutes. 

Time enough to walk a little in that less known area of town: here a fountain… there a church… a palace being recovered… some graffiti… the hidden beautiful Lisbon!

Address: R. Sacramento – Alcântara 54

Directions: Between Travessa Sacramento a Alcântara & Avenida Infante Santo

Phone: 213960075