Memories of Ericeira


In the small villages of Portugal, mainly in the north, during summer, is common to find some festivities, with not much than an opportunity for meeting people and chat.

Some (generally bad) music, popular cakes and vendors, and that’s all. I was not expecting it in winter, in a touristy place like Ericeira, but… I found it.


​It happens in December 8th, a national holiday.

Foz do Lizandro

Memories of Ericeira
Memories of Ericeira

In 1971 I was taken at night to a terrific place for military training.

I had to descend in slide, from a steep hill to what seemed to be a beach.

36 years later I went back to that place, about 10 km south of Ericeira, and… terrific?

My God! How subjective things can be.

​It’s a common empty beach, with a calm small river and… the hills of memory!