Memories of Óbidos

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Personal memories Memories of Óbidos

For decades Óbidos was only a very beautiful place.

Now, Óbidos keeps being a very beautiful place where many things happen. Initiative and good taste invite thousands to several events all year around.

​For instance, the chocolate festival: the castle is there, chocolate is delicious, and when February allows a mild day or evening it’s hard to get your space in parks and lines to… excuse-me, that candy in that second shelf…

​Ginginha Trip

Memories of Óbidos
Memories of Óbidos

No, Óbidos doesn’t have the best Ginginha – for that you must try Alcobaça, but Óbidos is the best place to drink Ginginha.

This very strong and sweet liquor plays a distinguishable role in Óbidos evenings and afternoons.

​Served in a chocolate cup, be careful: drink and eat everything but your fingers!


Memories of Óbidos

Batalha, Alcobaça, Nazaré and Obidos are so close that it is common to put them all in a single day trip from Lisbon.

Of course, things must be seen in a rush, and those who like to feel the places at ease and with time may get disappointed.

Among all those places, the ones that may demand more time are Nazaré and Óbidos.
In a VT meeting I planned the visit of more than 20 VTers, and tried to forewarn things planning lunch break in Nazaré and free time by the afternoon in Óbidos.

I was betrayed by the bus contract, imposing the return early than expected, but I think that things were not too bad.
​Anyway, if you’re one of those who love details, you’d better plan an overnight trip, living the magic of Óbidos by night. Checking the Vter’s reactions to the meeting and trip (nice, thanks) I noticed that someone complained about the rush, and the “terrible guide”, always pushing forward.
When I was preparing my excuses, I noticed that the guide was a… “she”.

Reading more carefully, I verified that the time mentioned in a monument was about half of what we had. Of course, she wasn’t part of our group, and came in a commercial trip, maybe before the meeting.

​I think we did better than the pros, and those are excellent memories of Óbidos.