Bars in Óbidos

?bidos - Toupeiro

Bars in Óbidos

I recommned O Toupeiro

There’s not much to do at night in Óbidos, but what we have is good. In a beautiful typical house, in the centre of town but outside the walls, you descent to the basement, where a few small rooms allow you to sit and have a drink.

Ginginha (with or without chocolate cup) is a common solution, but you may also order a Toupeiro (mole). It’s cool, sweet, and very tasteful, but if you’re driving be careful – it’s stronger than it looks, and the second one may get you troubles with police.

​This light and fresh drink is a secret of the house that helps to make the difference.

Doubtful impression Real Tavern – For a light meal

Bars in Óbidos - Real Tavern
Bars in Óbidos

A nice bar, in a very beautiful spot, a medieval place under an arch. Inside, they try to match medieval decoration, not too well succeeded, but the ambiance is good. It has all the common typical drinks, and serves “tapas” where several kind of sausages, and more, may be chosen.

Phone: +351 967179341

Address: R. Hospital, 5 Óbidos