Warnings in Nazaré


#REF! Warnings in Nazaré

Check your bills

I love Nazaré. That’s why I’m always available to forgive everything, but sometimes it’s too much, even for me.

This is the most serious of my warnings in Nazaré!

In May 1st, Fernanda and I went to have lunch in Nazare. She wished to eat “cataplana”, so we checked “A Taberna da Adelia” where we once saw a beautiful cataplana. Very popular (see my other tips) the line of people waiting was enormous.

​We tried many other, all full. The shortest line was in “Mar Bravo”, a well located restaurant with medium service at top price. Now the scene:

After staring 15 minutes facing three empty tables in the esplanade, we sat inside and ordered a fish soup, a lobster cataplana, one 7 UP and BSE wine.

Ten minutes later the waiter asked us to confirm the drinks: water, and Murganheira wine. We corrected him, and some minutes later he came, with the 7 UP and… the Murganheira.

New correction, and the right drinks came, to join us in a long wait (almost one hour) for the food.

The cataplana, at last (the soup was… forgotten), was OK. Time for the bill – heavy, as expected, and… surprise, the forgotten fish soup was there, also with cheese, probably delicious, but that we never saw or asked for.

A delicate and prompt correction, with excuses, and… it’s done. The three empty tables that we saw on entering continued empty… all the time, but the lines, in mid afternoon were shorter.

My god! Is it so hard to be professional?

Well… I told you. That´s Nazaré, and I’m always available to forgive everything. Yes… be patient, and check your bills.

Warnings in Nazaré
Warnings in Nazaré

Summer crowds

Bathing, circulating or only staying under the sun is complicated in summer days.

The beach has always many resident dwellers from July to mid September, but in Sundays and holidays it may become a nightmare.

​That would be the best time to try the nearby wild beaches (tricky parking) or to explore inland the wonders that surround Nazaré – Alcobaça, Batalha, Óbidos and more.

However, if you may visit out of peek season, spring and fall, allow great days in the beach (with the water as cold as in summer…).​

Warnings in Nazaré – Spring