Sleeping in Nazaré


Sleeping in Nazaré

I recommend Miramar – Best in Nazaré (?)

I didn’t stay there, but I went there to meet a couple of VT friends. I was surprised by the good look of the hotel. Modern construction, with a superb view over the beach, it may be now, the best hotel in town. The only problem is… distance.

Pederneira is less than two kilometers from the beach, but a very, very steep distance. They say 500 meters (maybe 700 for a seagull, about 1200 by the shortest way!) but very steep, and hard to walk frequently.

That’s why they announce free transport to the beach, what makes all the difference, if it works.

Address: Rua Abel Silva,Pederneira, Pederneira, Nazaré, Portugal

Phone: 351-262-550000

Website: Miramar

Vale Paraíso

Sleeping in Nazaré
Sleeping in Nazaré – Vale Paraíso camping

Positive impression Best Camping

Nazaré is not very well served by campgrounds: all of them stay distant, in the hills, forcing to hard walking or to use the car, with the expected parking problems.

Maybe the best will be this one, with the advantage of the pool to replace the ocean, when you decide to stay in the park.

Address: EN 242 on the way to Pataias