Visiting Mendiga

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To see Visiting Mendiga

Mendiga is a small village “lost” in the middle of Aire and Candeeiros mountains park.

It has nothing special to see and do, except to those who want tranquility in pure nature.

A car is indispensable, and, with it, lots of touristy attractions are close, reachable in less than an hour.

​In the park

Visiting Mendiga
Visiting Mendiga

Not far from home, this village in the middle of the national park of Aire and Candeeiros mountain, was far from my life until… last year.

An invitation for a dancing demonstration was the first approach, and a party in New Year’s Eve the second.

​Not much to see, nor to do, but… good times!


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Staying inside a national park, picnic is not a bad idea in Mendiga.

They have prepared a small area, very well arranged and decorated, not difficult to find by the road to Arrimal.

​We didn’t use it, because we had better just some meters distant, but kept it in mind for an eventual occasion.