Eating in Leiria

Eat in leiria

Eating in Leiria

I recommend Tromba Rija – Much and well

This is, no doubt, one of the top five Portuguese restaurants in popularity. So:

– First of all, be prepared to pay it.

– Second, if you don’t want to take risks, you better reserve in advance.

Eating in Leiria - Tromba Rija
Eating in Leiria – Tromba Rija

– Third, forget weight control.

​If you pass the three conditions, you will face an enormous list of starters, main courses and deserts, with the best of Portuguese popular cuisine, in a typical house, with gentle service.

A place not to rush, not to concern about anything, just to enjoy the pleasure to eat. A must, for all gourmets visiting Portugal

Address: Rua Prof. Portelas, 22 Marrazes – Leiria (it seems to be temporarily closed, working in Batalha)

Phone: +351 244856421

I recommend Casinha Velha – My favorite

just across the street from the “institutional” Tromba Rija this small restaurant is a preciosity, and my favorite in Leiria area, when I have time for a good meal.

Casinha Velha
Eating in Leiria – Casinha Velha

​Everything is delicious, it’s easier to find places (but also advisable to reserve), and the prices are reasonable. A very good choice.

Favorite Dish: Grilled Bacalhau leading the whole list

Address: R. Professores Portelas 23 Marrazes – Leiria

Phone: 244855355

Positive impression O Casarão – Grill, beans and more

3 Km south of Leiria, in IC2 and in the way to Batalha, this is a really good restaurant. Very large, in a garden, it has several rooms, accepting with comfort small and big groups, and supplying excellent food at reasonable prices.

Eating in Leiria – Casarão

Favorite Dishes:
​ Espetada mista com arroz de feijão e migas
Medalhões com gambas

Address: Azoia (crossing to Nazare)

Phone: 244 871 080

Positive impression Rossini – Great surprise

Needing a quick lunch I entered the closest restaurant, thinking by the external look that it would be just one more pizzeria.


This restaurant, located in the modern area of town, almost in the outskirts of it, was a very good surprise.

Sitting in a pleasant room, we received the printed menu, and a handwritten sheet, mentioning six or seven “dishes of the day” which use to mean ready to serve, or almost. It was the fastest solution, and all the mentioned dishes were interesting, so I didn’t even open the formal menu.

Fernanda choose codfish, and I preferred a steak with mushrooms. To drink, Fernanda ordered a soft drink, and I demanded a branded small bottle of wine. The waiter suggested me the cheaper “vinho da casa”, and brought me a glass of it, to taste.

Eating in Leiria – Rossini

​ The waiter suggested me the cheaper “vinho da casa”, and brought me a glass of it, to taste. It was good, so I changed, and she brought another and larger (very large, indeed!) glass of wine, leaving the other in the table.

The food (plenty of it) came in few minutes, and it was well presented and tasty.

Fernanda had a dessert, we both had a coffee, and, in about half an hour we had a very good lunch.

The price?

Well… that was the best surprise: we paid 16.20 €. Both! Less than 9 € for each lunch! Unbelievable!

Address: R Ourém                    Website: Rossini

Positive impression Reis – Classical

Eating in Leiria – Reis

A classical restaurant in the center of the city tries to attract all kind of people – businessmen, families and tourists.

It has a serious menu, with Portuguese cuisine, and though not cheap enough to be popular among the youth, it is not expensive.

Website: ​Reis

I recommend Matilde Noca – Good food, great views

I’ve been there three times, always satisfied. The restaurant is good, challenging the famous neighbors, with a more eclectic food and regular prices.

Eating in Leiria – Matilde Noca

​The restaurant is large, but it is placed as a balcony over Leiria, with fabulous views all over town.

A place to eat slowly, enjoying time while the city unfolds in front of you.

Address: Rua do Martingil 157, Marrazes 2415 – 522 LEIRIA

Phone: +351 244 856 073

Positive impression Pão Quente – Pizza and More

Pão quente
Eating in Leiria – Pão quente

Well located in the center of Leiria, this restaurant, owned by my friend António, is specialized in pizza (strong, too rich in cheese for my taste) but also in some other dishes, included a great steak. Several kinds of bread and pastries make it a all day round selling place.

Crises is dictating new rules, and, for the moment, they are only selling light snacks.

Address: v. Dr. Américo C Pinto

Phone: +351 244831859

Positive impression O PinheiroSurprisingly cheap

Centrally located, a few meters from the cathedral, this restaurant is so discreet that I had never noticed it, and only went there following my GPS, that announced Fernanda’s favorite dessert.

We were a little bit rushed, and ordered the two dishes of the day: fried sole with rice and sprouts, and pork Alentejo way (with clams).

Eating in Leiria – Pinheiro

The service was quick as expected and both dishes were well prepared, with tender meat, fresh fish, and balanced taste.
The only problem was “that” special dessert, not available, replaced by almond pudding (reasonable).

With wine, soft drink and coffee, we payed… 15€. Of course, it is a place to return with more time and to try a more demanding dish.