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To see Visiting Gaeiras – Near Óbidos

Gaeiras is a dynamic village close to Óbidos, where I have… a dynamic friend.

​They try hard, with some success, to complement Óbidos activity.

Visiting Gaeiras
Visiting Gaeiras – Band stand in center

Main square

The centre of the village has a very traditional look, with a band stand facing the entrance of Casa das Gaeiras, an old mansion with a big garden used in cultural events.

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Visiting Gaeiras – Christmas exhibition


A former cellar in the village is now the place to regular artistic events.

​Only four kilometers out of main town, it is a nice stop, so be attempt to the advertising to see what is on there during your visit.

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Óbidos castle


Gaeiras is a small city belonging to Óbidos, and its main attraction, at short distance, is obviously… Óbidos .

​Either to eat, or to have a drink, or just to meet people, the magnetic power of the city makes it part of everybody’s life.

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Old masters

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