Poço Corga

Po?o corga

To see Poço Corga

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Poço Corga

A very popular river beach, Poço de Corga blends in perfectly with the landscape. taking advantage of all the natural features in this part of the course of the Castanheira de Pêra stream.

With well-maintained access, it has all the basic infrastructure, from showers to a picnic area and even a restaurant.

Site: Poço Corga


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The beach is extensive, and includes areas carefully built to guarantee greater safety and comfort, and others left closer to the original characteristics, with a more natural image.

Naturally, also in terms of use, there are the most cared for and safe spaces, and others where rocks and pebbles pose their challenges.

Oil Press

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Olive press

As a purely decorative element, an old olive oil place has been maintained and cleaned, showing some of the traditional artefacts of the industry.

When we went there it was closed, and I don’t know if it will be a permanent condition, which seems likely to me, given that the way it is glazed allows a clear view from the outside.