Sleeping in Berlengas


Sleeping in Berlengas

Positive impression Mar & Sol The only Hostel

The best solution for a night stay in Berlengas is this restaurant.

It has six rooms that you may book in advance (you must, otherwise…), with average quality (excellent for the place and its general conditions).

Phone: +351 262 750 331

Website: Mar&Sol

Sleeping in Berlengas
Sleeping in Berlengas – Fort

Positive impression S. João Baptista fortCamping in a room

Once a luxury hotel, the fort was abandoned, leaving behind the structure and some of the facilities (not much). Today you may use one of its rooms, without any kind of service and limited water and electricity.

You may also share with other users the kitchen and “restaurant”, inside, or in the esplanade. It’s cheap, a different experience, and usually overbooked (plan ahead), but people use to get fun at night.

Phone: +351 262 785263

Website: Berlengas fort

Sleeping in Berlengas – Camping

Bad day Camping – The third option

The camping area in Berlenga is very small, even having in mind that the visit of the island is limited to a few hundred people a day.

The conditions are… I don’t know if I should say bad or none, which means that camping there is an adventure in the wild.